Think Different, Think Sneakers.


the oppressed passion

Our Founder, Jeffrey was not always able to express his passion for sneakers. The jobs he worked required formal attire and sneakers where not allowed. But it never stopped him from bringing a pair of Air Max Ones everywhere he could in his car. Not only his work didn’t approve of his beloved shoes, even his girlfriend stood between Jeffrey and his sneakers. The collection had grown so big, she demanded him to sell a part of it.



The spark

With a lot of heartache, Jeffrey put some of his sneakers on an e-commerce platform. But the heartache didn’t last long when he saw the biddings. People wanted to buy his sneakers so badly. After some research, Jeffrey found the community he was longing for. Apparently, there were thousands of people just like him, who love sneakers and do everything to get a hold on the best of the best. And the best part, they recognized the true value of what other people saw as mere shoes.


The community

He was immediately drawn into this community. Soon he found that he had some sort of sixth sense when it came to predicting the hype. Given his business background, he decided to do something with this. It started with a few pairs, buying before the hype and selling when the value was starting to rise. In no-time people from the community started coming to him and asking his opinion on pieces and if he could get these for them. They did this, knowing that Jeffrey would always provide them with extremely fair prices and an expert opinion.



The store

Today, Jeffrey’s side hustle has grown out to be a phenomenon in the sneaker world. With a store in the center of Utrecht, Frontstreet is there to inspire people to express their passion for sneakers. With hard work, creativity and determination Jeffrey was able to live his sneaker fantasy.  We believe that through the combination of our passion, ability to make great deals and customer focus, we have the potential to become the best in the world. Not convinced yet? Visit our store or browse our collection online. We think you’ll love it.  


The next step

As you might know, our brand is also known as 5Frontstreet. This started with the creation of our instagram profile. As the name Frontstreet was already taken, we decided to use the street number of our store: 5. Thus, 5Fronstreet was born. The 5 now represents way more than just a street number. It represents the 5th and next step of our sneaker adventure. This step consists of our journey towards providing the best customer experience in the sneaker world. In other words: the 5th step is about you. Providing you with the most exclusive sneakers at a fair price with extraordinary service. That is our mission. That’s what 5Frontstreet is about. Not convinced yet? Browse our collection or visit the store and decide for yourself.